Vice President Pence Visits Wisconsin 50 Days from Election Day

[Madison, WI] – 50 days from Election Day. Republicans know the significance of Wisconsin, and once again Vice President Mike Pence is showing up to talk with Wisconsin voters. Republican Party of Wisconsin Chairman Andrew Hitt released the following statement after Vice President Pence’s visit: 

“I spent this weekend on the Team Trump bus touring Wisconsin. Our grassroots supporters are fired up for four more years of President Trump. It’s an honor to once again have Vice President Pence here to rally Wisconsin supporters — this time 50 days from the election.

“The stakes for this November couldn’t be greater. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris would lead us down the path of socialism, changing the very fabric of our country. Biden’s supporters are pushing extreme policies like defunding the police, dramatically changing our healthcare system, and Joe Biden won’t tell us who he would put on the Supreme Court.  Donald Trump and Mike Pence care about Wisconsinites and will keep our hard-working Wisconsin families safe.”