Baldwin’s Phony Pivot

MADISON, Wis. – Tammy Baldwin is morphing again. This time, she is cosplaying as a Trump-friendly Democrat to keep her political career intact.

In her first television ad of the 2024 campaign, Baldwin went out of her way to brag about President Trump signing a bill into law that she proposed over half a decade ago.

This is just the latest instance of Baldwin scrambling to recast herself as an ally to Trump voters. In truth, both her voting record and past statements reveal her deep-rooted contempt of working-class voters and their concerns over the border and economy.

Back in 2016, Baldwin directly attacked Wisconsin Republicans at a gathering of Democrats in June. “Donald Trump might be one of the most offensive and hateful and unacceptable presidential candidates we’ve ever had,” said Baldwin. “So what does that say about the people who support him?”

Baldwin might as well have called Trump supporters a “basket of deplorables” with her comments. But it goes beyond just words. Her voting record confirms there is a wide gap between herself and former President Trump’s agenda.

In her campaign ad, Baldwin promises she will stand up to China. But when President Trump was actually cracking down on Beijing in 2019, Baldwin offered nothing but criticism of the Administration’s trade war with Xi Jingping. 

During the Trump Administration, Baldwin voted against both funding for a border fence and the border emergency declaration, supported sanctuary cities, and stood in the way of a bipartisan compromise amendment that would have delivered $25 billion to the border. 

At every stage, no one has obstructed or stood in the way of the common sense proposals put forward by former President Trump than Tammy Baldwin. And if Baldwin’s plan for 2024 is to chameleon her way into the good graces of Trump supporters, she will be in for a rude awakening at the polls. 

“Tammy Baldwin’s latest reinvention of herself is betrayed by both her evident disdain of Trump supporters and history of pushing Bidenomics and open border policies. Wisconsin voters can already see through the facade and will elect a new voice to represent them in Washington this November.” —WisGOP Spokesperson Matt Fisher