Joe Biden is Bad for Wisconsin

[Madison, WI] – Following the official announcement that the Democratic Party has nominated Joe Biden as their presidential candidate, Republican Party of Wisconsin Chairman Andrew Hitt released the following statement:

“Wisconsin has seen the liberal agenda in prime time at the DNC — from candidates who want to defund our police, to policies that would cost trillions of dollars and alter the very fabric of our nation as we know it. Now more than ever, it’s clear that Joe Biden is a trojan horse for socialism and a tool for the far-Left.

“For 660 days, Biden has hidden from Wisconsin voters. Democrats seem determined to repeat the same mistakes from the 2016 election with a candidate who has spent over 40 years in government, despite having little to show for it.

“Next week, Wisconsinites will hear a positive vision of America’s future at the Republican convention. Honoring the great story of our nation, Republicans will highlight the greatness and opportunity that our country has to offer. Wisconsin Republicans remain committed to that vision and will continue to fight to reelect President Donald J. Trump.”