Bidenomics and Baldwinflation Strike Again

MADISON, Wis — Just how costly has inflation been for Wisconsinites, thanks to Joe Biden and Tammy Baldwin?

The answer is $10,131.

According to CBS News and analysis from the U.S. Senate Joint Economic Committee, Wisconsin families are paying $10,000 more than they were in January 2021 to maintain the same standard of living. Most notably, the costs of food, transportation, housing, and energy were all cited as the primary sources of economic backsliding. 

While this report marks the latest in a long line of disappointing news, it comes as no surprise to anyone paying attention to the concerns of working families. 79% of Wisconsinites believe the economy is on the wrong track, higher than any other swing state. And a mere one-third of Americans are confident they will be able to pay all necessary expenses in 2024.

To put it simply, Wisconsin voters are dissatisfied with the economy and tired of being told by Democrats not to believe their own pocketbooks when it comes to their finances. 

Bottom Line: Wisconsin families deserve better than another term of higher prices with Bidenomics and Baldwinflation. They trust Republicans to lower costs and restore their financial security.