Democrats Are Wrong for Wisconsin

What You Won’t Hear From Tony Evers at Wisconsin Democrats’ 2022 State Convention

[La Crosse, WI] – This weekend, Wisconsin Democrats will gather for their first State Convention in three years. Despite holding the governor’s office and the White House, Democrat leadership has been devoid of accomplishment as Wisconsinites continue to struggle with sky-high prices, a crippled supply chain, and rising crime.

Here’s what you won’t hear from Tony Evers and state Democrats tonight:

Proposed higher gas tax

This week, Tony Evers blamed businesses for high gas prices – despite the fact that he tried to raise the gas tax, which would have forced Wisconsinites to pay over a dime more per gallon. Thankfully, his proposal was scuttled by state Republicans.

$1 billion in tax hikes

Republicans in the State Legislature also stopped Evers from implementing over $1 billion in tax hikes to pay for more bloated government spending. Nonetheless, Evers wants to take credit for Republicans’ historic tax cut.

Rising crime

Milwaukee has broken a record for homicides for the second year in a row, and violent crime is on the rise across Wisconsin. Yet Tony Evers has allowed cities to defund the police while the DOJ crime lab continues to drag on processing evidence of crimes.

Supporting teachers unions over parents

State education standards have plummeted under the leadership of WEAC-endorsed Tony Evers. Evers vetoed bills to give parents a voice in their children’s education. Meanwhile, English language arts proficiency is down by over 16 percent, math proficiency is down by over 20 percent, and just 8 percent of Black students are proficient in math according to DPI data.

“Democrats are throwing themselves a party while Wisconsinites struggle with higher prices, empty shelves, and rising crime. While Tony Evers may gloss over his record and shift blame, Wisconsin voters will hold him accountable at the ballot box this November.” – Republican Party of Wisconsin Communications Director Anna Kelly