Democrats Don’t Know Where WI-06 Is

[Madison, WI] – It appears that the Wisconsin Democrats have been spending so much time in their Madison bubble that they forgot how to find congressional districts in other parts of the state. In a release on Friday, the Democrat Party of Wisconsin criticized Rep. Grothman for rightfully rejecting the House Democrats’ $1.9 trillion pork filled stimulus bill, which is filled with expensive pet projects that have nothing to do with COVID relief.

Democrats embarrassed themselves by listing cities and counties that are not even part of Rep. Grothman’s district, including Wauwatosa, West Allis, Walworth County, Washington County and Waukesha County. Democrats know so little about Wisconsin’s sixth congressional district that they can’t even find it.

We’re not sure what maps the Democrats are looking at, but we hope they’ll continue to use them in the 2022 elections.