Democrats Fail Farmers During National Agriculture Week

[Madison, WI] – While Republicans fight for our farmers and rural communities, Democrats have abandoned rural Americans and undermine their way of life. In 2021, Wisconsin lost hundreds of farms and 100,000 acres of farmland as a result of failed Democrat policies.

This National Agriculture Week, Wisconsinites remembered how Democrats like Tony Evers, Mandela Barnes, Josh Kaul, and Joe Biden have abandoned rural Americans while catering to the far-left fringe in Madison:

  • Tony Evers attempted to raise taxes on Wisconsin farmers and impose a far-left environmental agenda that would have forced more red tape.
  • Mandela Barnes backs the Green New Deal, which would further spike energy costs, mandate organic farming, and implement a carbon tax that would cost dairy farms $2,000 per cow.
  • Josh Kaul sided with environmental activists over Wisconsin farmers when he failed to stand up for the state wolf hunt.
  • Thanks to Joe Biden, farmers are faced with skyrocketing input costs, a disrupted supply chain, and are paying double in fuel costs.

“Democrats claim to care about farmers, then push far-left policies that crush Wisconsin agriculture,” said Republican Party of Wisconsin Communications Director Anna Kelly. “Rural Americans are leaving the Democrat Party in droves because they know that only Republicans will stand up for their way of life.”Read the amicus brief here.