Evers Rejects Evers’ Legislative Maps

MADISON, Wis — It takes some brass to criticize your colleagues for something you created.

Today, Governor Tony Evers vetoed his own legislative maps under the pretense of Republican gerrymandering.

From The Center Square:
“As expected, Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers vetoed the political maps that he mostly drew.

“Evers on Tuesday said he scuttled the so-called 99% maps because they were too favorable to Republicans.

“The maps the governor drew moved dozens of incumbent Republicans into new districts. Republicans moved some of those lawmakers back but largely left the governor’s maps unchanged.” 

This comes as no surprise to anyone paying attention to Governor Evers and the Wisconsin Democrats. Tens of millions of dollars from out-of-state donors flooded into Democratic coffers for one specific reason: to ensure the Democrat takeover of the Wisconsin Supreme Court, immunize WisDems from competition in elections, and bake in cooperation with Governor Evers in the Legislature.

Wisconsinites deserve better than a rogue Governor who throws out his own legislative maps, while expecting his Supreme Court cronies to legislate his desired outcomes from the bench.

“Tony Evers and his out-of-state left-wing donors have never once cared about ‘Fair Maps.’ This latest episode is a brazen attempt to circumvent the Legislature and weaponize the Wisconsin Supreme Court in a political power grab, all under the false pretense of opposing ‘gerrymandering.’ If Evers truly believes these maps were gerrymandered, he only has himself to blame.” —WisGOP Spokesperson Matt Fisher