Former Democrat AG Testifies to Commission of Mostly Democrats

[Madison, WI] – Tonight, Democrats in Wisconsin continue their ‘nonpartisan’ redistricting lie, with special guest Ex-Obama Attorney General Eric Holder. Holder is a partisan Democrat who has repeatedly endorsed liberal judicial candidates in the state of Wisconsin. Ahead of his testimony, the Republican Party of Wisconsin released the following statement from Chairman Andrew Hitt: 

“The idea that Governor Evers’ commission is somehow ‘nonpartisan’ is a joke. Most of the members of the commission have histories with Democratic candidates or campaigns. The first special guest of the commission is ex-Obama AG Eric Holder — who regularly clashed with Republicans during his time in office and was held in contempt of Congress. Holder’s redistricting organization even says their goal is to favorably position Democrats for redistricting.

“This commission is a farce. Democrats can try to claim the banner of ‘nonpartisan’ all they want but the facts show that the commission is overwhelmingly stacked with their allies — from individual members to those testifying today. Tony Evers is lying to the people of Wisconsin.” 

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