ICYMI: Alex Lasry Won’t Buck NBA Ties

[Madison, WI] – In case you missed it, New York trust fund baby Alex Lasry is “on leave” from his position at the Milwaukee Bucks…except for occasions when touting his Bucks ties benefits his U.S. Senate campaign. 

In a classic move for Lasry, who hasn’t accomplished anything himself, the New Yorker is leveraging the team’s success for his political benefit, bringing the 2021 NBA Championship trophy to fundraisers and events with supporters. Of course, Lasry’s hedge fund manager father owns the Bucks and got him that job, too – much like his previous “donor’s kid” job at the White House.

It’s no wonder that Lasry wants to try to maintain just enough distance between himself and the NBA given the growing concerns about his ties to China, but he has no other experience to tout. Perhaps he should have asked Sarah Godlewski for advice on how to beef up his resume.

Read more from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel below:

Alex Lasry uses his ties to the Milwaukee Bucks to run for U.S. Senate, despite being on leave
Daniel Bice
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
July 13, 2022

U.S. Senate candidate Alex Lasry took a leave of absence from the Milwaukee Bucks to run for office.

But his campaign did not. 

Lasry announced last year he was stepping away from his job as senior vice president of the NBA team — a job he landed in 2016 because his father owns one-third of the Bucks — while he runs as a Democrat for the U.S. Senate. The primary is next month, with the winner facing off against Republican Sen. Ron Johnson.

But since taking a leave from his day job with the Bucks, Lasry has repeatedly appeared with the team and its leadership at key events, including a Common Council meeting commemorating the Bucks in September.

He has also taken the NBA trophy to a variety of campaign, civic and business events over the past year. And — get this — he also had a replica trophy made that he lugged around to some public and private gatherings. 


Lasry has taken the trophy to campaign stops, fundraisers for political allies, speeches with labor groups, a sit-down with a tattoo artist, selfies with friends, a meeting with ginseng advocates, talks to high school kids and a photo session with his baby. 

One Democratic strategist not affiliated with any candidate questioned whether “any 1% owner in the team can use the trophy however and whenever they want.” But, of course, Lasry is not just “any 1% owner.”