ICYMI: Campaign Finance Reports Make Things Awkward for Wisconsin Democrats

WisPolitics’ deep dive into campaign finance reports has made things awkward for Wisconsin Democrats. They say that money talks, and the reports for both New York trust fund baby Alex Lasry and Pelosi’s puppet Rep. Ron Kind say a lot.

While Alex Lasry has spent the last two weeks touting his fundraising haul as if anyone should be impressed given his father’s connections, WisPolitics revealed that more than a third of his $1.1 million haul came from out-of-state donors who gave max-out contributions. Unsurprisingly, it would appear that Lasry is working Daddy’s contacts for money, as he raised over $237,000 in max-out donations from New Yorkers and touted contributions from several NBA executives.

Meanwhile, Rep. Ron Kind has been busy scrambling to try and hide a donation from Squad member Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Rep. Kind returned the $5,000 donation from AOC’s Courage to Change PAC one day after receiving it. Of course, it’s no surprise that AOC would want to get Kind re-elected since he votes alongside the socialist 92 percent of the time.

Read more from WisPolitics on Lasry’s report here, or find excerpts below.

More than a third of Lasry’s nearly $1.1M fundraising haul came from out-of-state donors who gave max contribution
April 16, 2021

More than a third of the nearly $1.1 million Dem Alex Lasry raised for his U.S. Senate bid was from out-of-state donors who gave him the maximum amount, a WisPolitics.com review shows.

More than 65 donors have already given Lasry $5,800 — $2,900 for the primary and $2,900 for the general election.

Of the more than $400,000 those donors contributed, all but $17,400 was from out-of-state donors. That includes $237,800 from Lasry’s native New York.

The Milwaukee Bucks executive, on a leave of absence from the team, also listed several donations from those with ties to the NBA, including: Bucks head Coach Mike Budenholzer, $5,800; Bob Voulgaris, an analyst with the Dallas Mavericks, $5,800; Jason Kidd, a former Bucks head coach, $2,900; and Daryl Morey, general manager for the Philadelphia 76ers, $2,900.


When he announced his fundraising total earlier this month, Lasry touted that 65 percent of his contributions came from Wisconsin. But of his itemized donations, $212,750 of what he raised was from state donors. Because unitemized donations aren’t detailed, it isn’t possible to check what percentage of Lasry’s donors are from Wisconsin.