ICYMI: Majority of the Wisconsin Supreme Court Condemned Jill Karofsky’s Vile Attacks on the Court

March 12, 2020

[Madison, WI] – In case you missed it, a majority of the Wisconsin Supreme Court condemned candidate for the Wisconsin Supreme Court, Jill Karofsky’s vile attacks on the integrity of the Court. 

Since the start of her campaign for the Wisconsin Supreme Court, Jill Karofsky has leveled categorically false and harmful attacks at the Court, even going as far as to call it and its members corrupt. Karofsky’s attacks have no factual basis and she still has not been able to back up her slanderous claims.

In a rare move, a majority of the Wisconsin Supreme Court, including the Chief Justice, rightfully condemned Karofsky’s slanderous attacks and warned against political outcome-driven approaches to the law. Justice Bradley and Justice Hagedorn specifically called into question Karofsky’s fitness to serve on Wisconsin’s highest court stating, ”slanderous statements about Justice Kelly’s work on the Court are evidence of [Karofsky’s] lack of fitness for this bench.” Such strong statements condemning Karofsky’s attacks display the gravity of such brazen allegations and the threat they pose to our judicial system. 

Karofsky’s attacks on the Court prove that she has no real interest in serving the people of Wisconsin and upholding the Constitution. Karofsky’s only interests include serving her political ambitions and upholding her social justice warrior agenda, no matter the cost.

Read the full write-up here or find excerpts below.

Conservative Wisconsin Supreme Court justices lash out against candidate Jill Karofsky
Riley Vetterkind
Wisconsin State Journal

Four of Wisconsin’s conservative-backed Supreme Court justices lashed out against liberal-supported candidate Jill Karofsky on Wednesday, calling her rhetoric against her rival, incumbent Daniel Kelly, “irresponsible and insulting” and deeming her unfit for the bench.

“Attacks on the integrity of the court strike at the heart of the judicial system,” wrote Chief Justice Patience Roggensack and Justice Annette Ziegler in a joint statement. “Such language risks undermining the court’s legitimacy with parties, attorneys, and the public.”

In this year’s Wisconsin Supreme Court race, Karofsky has long criticized Kelly, without proof, of being corrupt for repeatedly siding with the conservative groups that support him. Kelly has shot back at those remarks, calling them “disgusting slander.”

On Thursday, the Kelly campaign shared a joint statement from two of the other conservative-backed justices, Rebecca Bradley and Brian Hagedorn, advancing Kelly’s characterization of the attacks as out of line. 

“Her slanderous statements about Justice Kelly’s work on the Court are evidence of her lack of fitness for this bench,” Bradley and Hagedorn said. “At no point has she actually engaged in a substantive critique of Justice Kelly’s opinions, reasoning, or legal analysis. She simply casts aspersions based on the outcomes of cases, which evidences her own outcome-driven judicial approach.”

They said Karofsky’s critiques of Kelly show she places more emphasis on the political outcome of cases rather than the right result based on the law. 

Read the full write-up here