ICYMI: Democrats File Lawsuit to Rig Spring Election

March 19, 2020

[Madison, WI] –  In case you missed it, the Democratic National Committee and the Democratic Party of Wisconsin are using the COVID-19 pandemic to rig Wisconsin’s Spring Election for Jill Karofsky.

Their lawsuit aims to do away with requirements to provide identification and proof of residence when registering to vote or requesting an absentee ballot online or by mail. Instead of encouraging clerks across Wisconsin to provide more opportunities to vote early, they want to use the national pandemic as an opportunity to put a liberal social justice warrior on the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

Suspending common-sense rules that protect the integrity of our elections is simply not an acceptable response to holding an election in a time of crisis. While Wisconsin families are trying to deal with the extremely disruptive effects of COVID-19 on their daily lives, incomes, and businesses, Democrats are trying to use this crisis to their advantage.

Democrat Gov. Tony Evers already worked to suppress rural-votes by calling a second special election in the Seventh Congressional District, now his allies are attacking the integrity of this election in court.

Read the full write up here, or read excerpts below. 

Evers’ election mess and the latest attack on Voter ID
Empower Wisconsin
M.D. Kittle
March 19, 2020

The lawsuit filed by the Democratic Party of Wisconsin and the Democratic National Committee seeks to get rid of voter ID as well as giving voters extended time to register to vote online, without providing proof of residence. 

The state GOP blasted the Democrats’ move, sold as a way to protect voting rights. 

“Democrats are trying to hijack a national health crisis to rig an election in their favor. If they cared about accessibility at the polls, they’d join us in urging clerks across Wisconsin to allow early voting immediately, not just those in their communities of support. Instead, they insist on suspending common-sense rules in an effort to further rig the election,” Mark Jefferson, executive director of the Republican Party of Wisconsin, said in a statement.