ICYMI: Janet Protasiewicz Gave No Prison Time to Violent Criminals

[Madison, WI] – In case you missed it, Judge Janet Protasiewicz’s soft on crime record is being revealed. This week, Wisconsin Right Now reported that Protasiewicz gave no prison time to a mother who starved her son to death. According to the story, the 16-year-old boy weighed a mere 42 pounds when he died, and his “bones were visible underneath his skin because he did not have muscle.”

Last week, Wisconsin Right Now also detailed Protasiewicz’s decision to grant a felon who raped and abducted a teenage girl no prison time. In response, Protasiewicz mocked the story on Twitter.

As liberals continue to tout dangerous, activist judges who want to allow criminals to endanger our communities and plan to undo all of Republicans’ reforms in the past several years – no matter what the law says – it’s imperative that Wisconsin elects a judge who stands for law and order.

Read more from Wisconsin Right Now below:

Judge Janet Protasiewicz Gave Mother Who Starved Boy to Death NO PRISON
Jessica McBride and Jim Piwowarczyk
Wisconsin Right Now
December 14, 2022

Left-wing state Supreme Court candidate Judge Janet Protasiewicz gave NO PRISON to a Milwaukee woman who starved her child so severely that the 16-year-old boy weighed only 42 pounds when he died.

The victim was Hector Pizarro.

It’s the latest weak sentence uncovered for Judge Janet Protasiewicz, an extreme left-wing Milwaukee County judge running for state Supreme Court. Earlier, we revealed that Protasiewicz sentenced a felon who raped and abducted a teenage girl to time served with no prison time.

The latest case to highlight Protasiewicz’s weak sentencing record is the case of Iraida Pizarro-Osorio, who was charged with felony neglect of a child (consequence is great bodily harm) in 2020.


A criminal complaint stated that the 16-year-old boy died of severe malnutrition.

Pizarro-Osoro had brought the child to a Milwaukee health center where he died.

The complaint says he was “unresponsive, had a faint pulse and appeared extremely emaciated.”

His bones were visible underneath his skin because he did not have muscle. The complaint says she lied about taking the child to a doctor in Puerto Rico. It was revealed that Pizarro-Osorio locked the boy in his room at night, and Child Welfare had previously opened an investigation into the boy’s malnutrition.

She could have received 25 years in prison.