ICYMI: Janet Protasiewicz Signals DPW won’t bring lawsuit

MADISON, Wis – In case you missed it, Janet Protasiewicz and the Democratic Party of Wisconsin  have together decided that third party groups should take the lead on bringing forth any lawsuits of consequence that come before the state Supreme Court.  Should she win, the left has signaled a host of lawsuits challenging most of the major government reforms of the last quarter century, and Protasiewicz has already said she will rule in their favor on several of them.

This morning, the Wisconsin State Journal reported that Janet Protasiewicz will not recuse herself from Planned Parenthood lawsuits, but would recuse herself from cases involving the Democrat Party of Wisconsin. Her reason behind recusal for Wisconsin Democrats was their donation of 2.5 million.  Yet, she sees no reason to recuse herself from Planned Parenthood cases, a pro-abortion group which has pledged over a million dollars to support Protasiewicz. 

Despite Politician Protasiewicz’s “campaign promise to restore abortion,” prejudgement of the legislative maps as “rigged,” and the 2011 union reforms as “unconstitutional,” Democrats’ will still have Janet’s vote on any important issues if elected to the state Supreme Court.

“Janet Protsaiewicz has promised to rule with her values rather than the rule of law, and put her thumb on the scales of justice to do so. If she’s not going to be guided by the law, then she needs to be held to a higher standard and recuse herself from other group’s lawsuits as well.   She would be anything but an impartial member of the Court, and Protasiewicz should recuse herself on cases involving union reforms, redistricting, and unchecked, taxpayer-funded abortions,” said WisGOP Spokesperson Rachel Reisner. “Her “values” will clearly override the rule of law — especially when there’s a multimillion-dollar price tag attached.”