ICYMI: Liberal Supreme Court Makes Unprecedented Move Ahead of Protasiewicz Swearing In 

MADISON, Wis – In case you missed it, Janet Protasiewicz and the Democratic Party of Wisconsin have already begun to leverage their new liberal majority to their advantage. PRIOR to the swearing-in of the newly elected Supreme Court Justice this evening, the liberal court era began with Justice Jill Karofsky informing the director of the state courts system he would be fired.

Wisconsin Right Now reported that Randy Koschnick, who has managed the Wisconsin statewide court system for the past six years, received a call Monday regarding his imminent firing that would occur the following day, an unprecedented move by the new Democrat-controlled court. In the call from liberal Justice Jill Karfosky, Koschnick was told his firing resulted from the court “moving in a different direction.”

Wisconsinites be warned: an era of hyper-partisanship is fast approaching as a number of issues such as redistricting, Act 10, protecting the unborn, and common sense election laws are likely to come before the court. 

Throughout her campaign, Protasiewicz told Wisconsinites she would use her power to implement a far-left agenda; firing a state court director she has never met is just the first step. It didn’t even take one day for the liberal Justices to show there is slim hope for impartiality or independent thinking on the state’s highest court.


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Partisan ‘Janet Court’ Takes 1st Shot Against Conservatives With Planned Firing of Respected State Courts Director

Jessica McBride and Jim Piwowarcyzk

Wisconsin Right Now

July 31, 2023

The extremely left-wing and partisan “Janet Protasiewicz court” is about to take its first shot against conservatives in Wisconsin with the planned unprecedented firing of respected Director of State Courts Randy Koschnick, while he is out of state and without conservative justices being informed, Wisconsin Right Now has learned.

Although Koschnick has been an innovative, non-partisan director who is respected by judges on both sides of the aisle and who has avoided making political statements in the post, he once ran as a conservative for state Supreme Court against liberal icon Shirley Abrahamson, and he was appointed to the State Courts Director post by the state Supreme Court in 2017. 

Thus, his planned termination smacks of the new “Janet court’s” first attempt to undo the old conservative majority’s actions.

In an exclusive interview with Wisconsin Right Now, Koschnick said that Justice Jill Karofsky called him on July 31, 2023, and told him that “tomorrow the court is going to vote to terminate me.” Karofsky is a left-wing justice.

He said that new Justice Janet Protasiewicz, whose election cemented the liberal majority on the court, will be part of that majority. Koschnick said that he was told the court has enough votes to fire him, but Karofsky would not give him a reason, and the vote is happening without an agenda, without a regularly scheduled session, and while he is out of state.

Koschnick said that Justice Rebecca Bradley did not know about his planned firing until he called her Monday. She is a conservative. He said he does not believe conservative Justice Annette Ziegler was told by the new liberal majority either. He is not sure where sometime-conservative justice Brian Hagedorn stands on the matter.

Koschnick, the former chief Judge of Jefferson, Waukesha, Ozaukee, and Washington Counties, who was appointed to be director of state courts by the state Supreme Court in 2017, said the action was “so unprecedented,” repeating that there is “no meeting, conference, public hearing, agenda. I asked for a reason because I am highly competent, and she did not deny that.”

“I told her (Karofsky) that there is no agenda before September, no meeting scheduled. I said, ‘I’ve done nothing wrong. I’ve gotten awards from the state bar for being an innovator. I’ve never had a complaint,’” Koschnick told WRN. “She said we have the votes to terminate me tomorrow. 

This is highly unusual. This is a wrecking ball.

Koschnick said Karofsky did not provide a reason.