ICYMI: More Hypocrisy from Democrat U.S. Senate Wannabes

[Madison, WI] – In case you missed it, when the Democrat candidates for U.S. Senate aren’t committing election year flip-flops on divisive issues, proposing dangerous far-left ideas to appease their base, lying about their resume, or otherwise making caricatures of themselves, they’re purporting to stand on principles while personally profiting from the opposite. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported yesterday that both Sarah Godlewski and Alex Lasry have invested in companies that directly contradict the values they claim to support.

Sarah Godlewski’s campaign has been rocky from the start, but the Journal Sentinel revealed that despite the fact that she’s spent her campaign railing against Big Pharma, she’s personally profiting off of major pharmaceutical companies – to the tune of up to $446,000. 

Meanwhile, New York trust fund baby Alex Lasry has been hard at work trying to distance himself from his hedge fund manager father who believes that “now is a great time to be investing in China.” Nonetheless, Lasry clearly took daddy’s advice, as he has invested between $101,000 and $202,500 in Chinese companies.

If Democrats’ principles weren’t based in hypocrisy, they’d have no principles at all.

Read more from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel below:

Sarah Godlewski hates how much Big Pharma charges for drugs. But she didn’t mind owning its stock.
Daniel Bice
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
April 4, 2022

Now that state Treasurer Sarah Godlewski is running for U.S. Senate, she is very concerned about the skyrocketing cost of prescription drugs. 


But the multimillionaire Democrat had a different attitude about Big Pharma when deciding where to invest her vast wealth. 

According to her personal financial disclosure statement filed last August, Godlewski and her husband, Max Duckworth, were sitting on stock in 14 pharmaceutical companies at a total value of between about $64,000 and $446,000. 

The companies Godlewski had invested in included such major firms as Abbott Laboratories, Eli Lilly & Co. and Amgen Inc.


The situation is similar to one involving Democratic candidate Alex Lasry, who ran a television ad to “finally stand up to China.”

Lasry held stock in at least three China-based firms — Chindata, Tencent and Alibaba — for between $101,000 and $202,500, according to his August financial report. Lasry campaign officials say he has sold off all of those stock holdings.