ICYMI: More Serious Allegations Involving Ron Kind

[Madison, WI] – Ron Kind is once again facing allegations of serious ethical lapses, this time involving possible sexual exploitation of Asian workers. Fox News reported on Wednesday that Rep. Kind has made thousands of dollars by renting property to a massage parlor that has advertised using suggestive photos of women on websites known to feature businesses that provide illicit sex, including one website that USA Today dubbed a “Yelp for sex spas.”

Rep. Ron Kind refused to answer Fox News’ questions on these allegations. This report raises serious concerns, and Wisconsinites in the third congressional district deserve answers from Rep. Kind about whether he financially profited from a business engaged in prostitution.

Read more from Fox News here or find excerpts below.

Wisconsin Dem’s property used for seedy massage parlor that touted ‘young’ masseuse
Fox News
Houston Keene
April 28, 2021

EXCLUSIVE: A U.S. congressman from Wisconsin made thousands of dollars by renting a property to a massage parlor that advertised on websites that list spas where people can pay for sex, Fox News has learned.

Rep. Ron Kind, a Democrat, disclosed between $15,001 and $50,000 in rental income from a building he rented in La Crosse in 2018 and 2019. He has yet to file his 2020 financial report.

One of the tenants at Kind’s property is Asian Sunny Massage.

Asian Sunny Massage – previously named Impression Spa – advertised on various illicit websites that are known as avenues for illicit sex. Some of such websites are RubMaps, AssortList and BodyRubsMap. 

Impression Spa’s RubMaps page was first indexed in 2018, according to Google. USA Today has described RubMaps as a “Yelp for sex spas.”

The congressman’s office declined Fox News’ request for comment.


When pressed as to why the business was advertised on illicit websites, Yang said they “only use Google.” When asked about the AssortList screenshot posted on its Facebook page, Yang said her “manager” handled advertising and offered to have her manager contact Fox News.

However, when asked for the manager’s contact information, Yang refused to share it, saying they would speak only to the police.