ICYMI: #NoJailJanet hands a get-out-of-jail free card to a man who “broke his wife’s face.”

MADISON, Wis.In case you missed it, #NoJailJanet’s soft-on-crime record had devastating repercussions. The Washington Free Beacon reported Tuesday that Janet Protasiewicz let off a domestic abuser who was later convicted of attempted murder.

Lazarick Spade broke his wife’s face in a gruesome beating. He could have received up to ten years in prison as a habitual offender, but Protasiewicz let him off easy with just six months. Less than a year later, Lazarick shot his wife — almost killing her — allegedly trying to “get even” with her for reporting the prior assault. 

Protasiewicz’s soft-on-crime record is not only dismissive of victims; it poses a threat to public safety. As #NoJailJanet continues to ramp up her lies, Wisconsin voters will reject her abysmal record and liberal agenda on April 4. 

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Liberal Wisconsin Supreme Court Nom Let Off Domestic Abuser. He Was Later Convicted of Attempted Murder.

Alana Goodman

Washington Free Beacon

March 28, 2023

Liberal Wisconsin Supreme Court candidate Janet Protasiewicz sentenced a serial violent felon to just six months in prison for breaking his estranged wife’s face in a brutal beating. Less than one year later, the man gunned down the same victim outside her home, nearly killing her, according to court records reviewed by the Washington Free Beacon.

The offender, Lazarick Spade, allegedly shot his ex-wife to “get even” with her for reporting the prior assault, according to court records.


It also raises questions about Protasiewicz’s suggestion last week that she only has “one case where someone reoffended.” In that incident, which Protasiewicz’s opponents have highlighted in negative campaign attacks, she released a child sex offender without jail time who went on to kill a woman in a drunken car crash.