Protasiewicz gives slap on the wrist to man who raped woman veteran and man who raped elderly aunt

MADISON, Wis.Protasiewicz must explain to Wisconsin voters and the media how her sentencings are “fair and appropriate.” In case you missed it, Fox News reported several more examples of #NoJailJanet ignoring the impact violent crime – rape – has on Wisconsin women.

Protasiewicz swears she’s a champion for women; her judgment from the bench says she’s anything but. 

Robert Guzinski was charged with pushing a military veteran against the “icy hood of a vehicle and vaginally and anally raping her in a bar alleyway in January 2019.”

Protasiewicz said “part of her” wanted to give probation — to a man who raped a woman veteran. After the attack the survivor went through “months of therapy and a mental health-related hospitalization.”

Another man, Jon Spivey, who was accused of “repeatedly punching his 79-year-old aunt in the face, suffocating her with a pillow until she passed out, and raping her in her apartment.”  

Protasiewicz could have given him 25 years in prison. Despite an “extensive criminal history” and the pure evil nature of the crime, she handed out a mere 2.5 years and probation.

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Fox News

Jessica Chasmar

WI Supreme Court candidate jailed man 2 years for raping veteran, said ‘part of me’ wanted to give probation

March 29,2023

“Janet Protasiewicz, a Wisconsin judge running for a seat on the state’s Supreme Court, has a long history of giving light sentences to sex criminals, including a man she imprisoned for just over two years after brutally raping a military veteran in 2019.”

Robert Guzinski, 42, was accused of pushing a military veteran down onto the icy hood of a vehicle and vaginally and anally raping her in a bar alleyway in January 2019. The victim told the court she suffered from physical injuries, nightmares and crippling anxiety from the attack, which resulted in months of therapy and a mental health-related hospitalization. 


As much as part of me would like to place you on probation, I just can’t do that,” the judge said at the time. “It’s not a probationary case.”


In March 2019, John Spivey, then 51, was accused of repeatedly punching his 79-year-old aunt in the face, suffocating her with a pillow until she passed out, and raping her in her apartment. He was found guilty of incest and aggravated battery of an elderly victim.

During his sentencing, Protasiewicz praised Spivey for taking “some responsibility” for pleading guilty on those two charges, but added she had “concerns” about his character.


In March 2019, 38-year-old Nicholas Grzybowski was accused of sexually assaulting his 13-year-old niece while she slept. The victim said she was sleeping on her uncle’s couch when she woke up to him touching her buttocks while he was nude, and that he told her to take off her clothes and propositioned her for further sexual contact, according to the court transcript.

Prosecutors sought three to five years in prison followed by seven years of probation, but Protasiewicz handed down three years in prison for child enticement, with credit for 65 days already served, followed by five months of probation.


In January 2016, Protasiewicz suspended Matthew Neumann’s 18-month prison term and placed him on probation for two years after he pled guilty to endangering safety with a gun while intoxicated and disorderly conduct, both with a domestic abuse modifier. He also had a long criminal history prior to the killings, including past convictions for drunken driving and stolen property.

Four years after Protasiewicz’s sentencing, in February 2020, Neumann was found guilty of killing two of his cleaning company employees and burning their bodies on a hunting property he was leasing in East Troy. He was sentenced to 72 years in prison.


Every single case is unique,” she said. “Integrity is one of my hallmarks. Absolute integrity. I looked at what I looked at in each one of those unique cases and made a decision that I thought was appropriate.”