ICYMI: What They Said About the Journal Sentinel Hit Piece on Tim Michels

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and USA Today Network-Wisconsin hit a new low this week. In an effort to smear Tim Michels, they attacked him for his charitable contributions to various organizations. Among these organizations are local churches, Catholic nuns, pregnancy resource centers, and a professorship for cancer research.

Tim Michels is an honorable candidate who will beat Tony Evers, so it comes as no surprise that the media is looking for something – anything – to smear him. Unapologetic for his faith, Tim Michels responded to this religious persecution head-on.

Read what they’re saying on Tim Michels fighting back on anti-Christian attacks:

Catholic Vote: WI Candidate for Governor Tim Michels Slams Anti-Catholic Attack

While the MSJ report may have been intended to hurt Michels, the Republican candidate responded by immediately pointing out the “disgusting” premise of the “attack:” that Christian beliefs and causes are somehow shameful.


The Daily Wire: Democrats Attack Wisconsin Republican Governor Candidate For Donating To Christian Churches And Pro-Life Centers

On top of his contributions to religious and pro-life causes, Michels has also given to help fund cancer research inspired in part by his own daughter having a brain tumor when she was 11. That included a $1 million donation to Cornell University for a cancer research professorship as well as a $15 million donation to the Medical College of Wisconsin Cancer Center.

“While the media is desperate to find lines of attack, their generosity helps support causes they believe in and funds cancer research and other Christian causes,” Michels communications director Anna Kelly told the Journal Sentinel.

Empower Wisconsin: The Journal Sentinel’s religious litmus test

What the story didn’t note is Christ Fellowship’s myriad charitable partnerships that provide food, housing, health care, employment to the homeless, for instance. Or the work the church does in the areas of substance abuse and mental health treatment. Those charitable actions, embraced by liberals and conservatives alike, don’t fit neatly into the political attack narrative.

Dan O’Donnell: The Dan O’Donnell Show, Wednesday, August 31st

In other words, the statement that just came from the Democrat Party is on the front page of JSOnline.com right now. It is nothing more than a Democrat talking point.

See for yourself some of the organizations the Michels Family Foundation has donated to in the past, and you’ll realize what a political hit-job this story was on behalf of Tony Evers and the Democratic Party of Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Right to Life
Pro-Life Wisconsin
Veritas Society
New Beginnings Pregnancy Centers
Avail’s Crisis Pregnancy Centers
Christ Fellowship
Spring Creek Church
Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi
Faith Lutheran Church and School
Rare Cancers Research Laboratories at the Medical College of Wisconsin