In lead-up to Tax Day, Democrats reveal plans to raise taxes

While Wisconsinites file their federal returns on Tax Day, they have been reminded once again that Wisconsin Democrats will raise taxes in Washington, D.C. if given the chance.

Democrat U.S. Senate candidates were unanimous in their opposition to the tax cuts Senator Ron Johnson achieved for 95 percent of businesses, even as citizens struggle under Joe Biden’s rising inflation tax. The only possible conclusion to draw is that they would repeal the tax cuts and increase taxes on the small businesses we rely on to create jobs. 

The candidates flocked to Twitter last week to express near-identical hostility to the small business relief Johnson succeeded in including in the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act: 

Raising taxes on small businesses would be just the start for these candidates. They also support Biden’s reckless Build Back Better Act, which would raise taxes by over $1 trillion, have no solution to the Democrat Inflation Tax hitting middle-income workers and seniors the worst, and they each have a history of trying to raise taxes on Wisconsinites:

Mandela Barnes:

Alex Lasry:

  • Called tax cuts that reduced rates for lower-income Americans a “scam.”
  • Wants to increase the corporate tax rate and make the U.S. less competitive.

Sarah Godlewski:

  • Supports an Elizabeth Warren-style tax hike that’s too extreme for her former boss Hillary Clinton.

Tom Nelson:

“As Democrats’ inflation tax continues to raise costs and devalue people’s incomes, Democrats running for Senate want to make Tax Day even harder on Wisconsinites. Voters deserve a senator who will fight for tax relief for everyone, not a politician who wants to dip further into taxpayers’ pocketbooks to pay for a radical agenda that further increases costs.” – Republican Party of Wisconsin Rapid Response Director Mike Marinella