Josh Kaul Defends Convicted Rapist, Loses

[Madison, WI] – Josh Kaul may have failed to take rising crime seriously and dismissed concerns about his botched crime lab, but last year, Kaul finally took a stand on something – forcing a private company to employ a convicted rapist. When lighting company Cree rescinded their conditional offer of employment to Derrick Palmer, who “pushed, struck, beat, suffocated, and raped his girlfriend multiple times” in order to protect their female employees, Josh Kaul stuck his neck out to defend the domestic abuser.

Last week, the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled that Cree didn’t violate discrimination laws when standing up for their workers’ safety – making Josh Kaul an even bigger loser than when he initially picked the wrong side of this case.

“It is horrific that Josh Kaul has fought harder for a convicted rapist than for victims of crime,” said Republican Party of Wisconsin Communications Director Anna Kelly. “The Wisconsin Supreme Court was right to reject his gross attempt to make female workers less safe, and all Wisconsin women should be appalled.”