Jill Karofsky Refuses to Turn Over Public Records

April 6, 2020

Jill Karofsky Refuses to Turn Over Public Records
Jill Karofsky falls in line with her Democrat allies and closes the curtain on open government 

[Madison, WI] – The Republican Party of Wisconsin announced on Monday that Dane County Judge and candidate for the Wisconsin Supreme Court, Jill Karofsky, refused to fulfill open records requests sent to her office, raising questions on her opinions on government transparency.

On December 10, a Republican Party of Wisconsin staff member sent two separate open records requests to Karofsky’s office asking for emails containing certain search terms, her central calendar and copies of records requests sent to her office after receiving an anonymous tip that Karofsky was campaigning out of her official office. On December 18th, a Wisconsin Courts staff member acknowledged receipt of the requests and said that the records would be released, “as soon as practicable and without delay.” 

After several attempts to follow up with the Wisconsin Courts staff member who informed receipt of the request and Karofsky’s office, the Republican Party of Wisconsin still has not received the records or even an update as to when Karofsky’s office will release the records. After not receiving the records for nearly five months, it’s clear that Jill Karofsky has no intention of following Wisconsin public records law and turning over the records. Furthermore, it raises the following question: What exactly is Jill Karofsky trying to hide?

Jill Karofsky is falling in-line with her democrat allies by refusing to comply with open records law. Governor Tony Evers was heavily criticized for not turning over even one day’s worth of his emails. Supreme Court Justices in Wisconsin should be committed to upholding the law, not refusing to comply with it and withholding records from public view. Such a blatant disregard for the importance of government transparency from our government officials further disqualifies Karofsky for the bench of the Wisconsin Supreme Court.