Mandela Barnes: Joe Biden Could “Muddy the Process” for Build Back Broke Agenda

[Madison, WI] – While Washington Democrats try to ram through Joe Biden’s Build Back Broke agenda before Christmas, U.S. Senate hopeful Mandela Barnes isn’t shying away from saying what Americans already know: Joe Biden is a liability for congressional Democrats.

According to The Hill

When asked about Biden’s involvement in negotiations on passing reforms like Build Back Better, Barnes said the president’s involvement “could potentially muddy the process.” 

“It feels like there’s a feeling that they’re OK bucking the president,” Barnes said. “We saw that happen over the infrastructure bill. We continue to see it in the large scale packages people are looking for. Build Back Better, we’re still debating that. These are things that theoretically we should have seen passed in the first three months [of Biden’s presidency].”

While it’s unusual for an aspiring DC Democrat to openly admit that Democrats should distance Joe Biden from his own campaign promise, it’s no surprise given Biden’s growing unpopularity:

  • Just 38 percent of Americans approve of Joe Biden.
  • 46 percent say Biden has performed worse as president  than they expected, including 16 percent of those who supported him in 2020. 
  • 64 percent, including 28 percent of Democrats, say Biden should not seek a second term.

“Mandela Barnes said the quiet part out loud: Joe Biden is a liability to Democrats ahead of 2022,” said Republican Party of Wisconsin Communications Director Anna Kelly. “It’s revealing that even Senate Democrat hopefuls don’t want to be associated with Joe Biden’s feckless agenda that lacks support from the American people.”