RPW Response to Hit Piece on Michels Family Foundation Charitable Giving

Today the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and Democratic Party of Wisconsin sent a clear message that charitable giving to religious organizations is no longer an accepted practice by elected leaders. It’s no surprise that the Journal Sentinel and USA Today Network-Wisconsin would look for ways to attack the generous financial contributions of the Michels Family Foundation. Yet this story goes further by painting churches and religious organizations—and those who donate to them—as extremist and bigoted. In response, RPW issued the following statement.

“Practicing one’s faith used to be universally respected, but today’s Democrat Party is making clear that even donating to your church is no longer acceptable. With Tony Evers shutting down churches during the pandemic and Democrats now putting their extreme anti-Christian bias on full display, this cheap attack against Tim Michels shows how intolerant the left really is,” said RPW Communications Director Chad Doran.

After 22 paragraphs of bashing faith based organizations, the article finally got around to acknowledging the largest donation the Michels Family Foundation made in 2020 – a one million dollar donation to Cornell University for children’s cancer research. It also gives barely a passing mention to the $15 million the foundation gave to the Medical College of Wisconsin Cancer Center this spring.

These are just some of the organizations the Michels Family Foundation has financially supported:

  • Wisconsin Right to Life
  • Pro-Life Wisconsin
  • Veritas Society
  • New Beginnings Pregnancy Centers
  • Avail’s Crisis Pregnancy Centers
  • Christ Fellowship
  • Spring Creek Church
  • Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi
  • Faith Lutheran Church and School
  • Rare Cancers Research Laboratories at the Medical College of Wisconsin

Tim Michels and his wife Barbara should be commended for their generosity and support of organizations they care about, not attacked for their religious beliefs.