WisGOP Statement in Response to Violence and Lawlessness in Madison

[Madison, WI] – In response to additional violence and lawlessness in Madison, the Republican Party of Wisconsin issued the following statement from Chairman Andrew Hitt:

“There is absolutely no excuse for the outright lawlessness and destruction that occurred in Madison under Gov. Tony Evers and Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway’s watch. When Wisconsinites were looking for leadership and protection from their leaders, both the Governor and the Mayor refused to take control and protect their own citizens.

“When was the Governor made aware of the destruction and violence happening in Madison? Why did he refuse to deploy the national guard? If a state senator getting beaten in the street, destroying state property and utter lawlessness wasn’t enough for Gov. Tony Evers to deploy the national guard, what is? Tonight, Gov. Evers is scheduled to headline a fundraiser for Patty Schachtner; is prioritizing politics more important than protecting our citizens?

“As Wisconsin’s top law enforcement official, Attorney General Josh Kaul’s lack of leadership regarding the riots last night in Madison characterizes his tenure leading the Wisconsin Department of Justice so far. Instead of leading, he continues to hide from controversy. Wisconsinites depend on the Attorney General to help keep law and order, and Attorney General Kaul is completely asleep at the wheel. What’s more, he is spending today campaigning for Joe Biden instead of addressing the violence and lawlessness.

“The Republican Party of Wisconsin submitted several open records requests this morning for all communications between the governor, his staff, and other state agencies during last night’s rioting. Wisconsinites deserve to know what their leaders knew, when they were informed and their reasoning behind their lack of response.

“Even worse, the response from Wisconsin Democrats this morning is appalling. Condemning racism, violence and utter lawlessness is something that should transcend political ideology. Instead, Wisconsin Democrats, even those within the Evers Administration like Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes, are blaming Republicans for the events of last night and defending rioters’ actions.

“Wisconsinites need more from our leaders than feckless statements that fail to adequately condemn the violence and dissuade further destruction in Wisconsin’s cities. All of our leaders, regardless of political affiliation, need to step up and do everything in their power to protect the citizens they serve. While Democrats join the far-left in cries to defund the police, destruction and violence continues. Enough is enough.”