Teachers Union Tony Evers Backs Critical Race Theory

[Madison, WI] – In another Friday veto, last week Tony Evers rejected Republicans’ bill to ban critical race theory from Wisconsin public schools. It’s no wonder that Evers tried to conceal his support for this racist ideology, as teachings of critical race theory have garnered opposition from 74 percent of Americans, and Terry McAuliffe’s refusal to acknowledge CRT’s existence contributed to his defeat in Virginia’s gubernatorial election.

Every step of the way, Tony Evers continues to prove that he only serves his teachers union bosses, not families. From vetoing literacy and curriculum transparency bills, to trying to cap Wisconsin’s special needs scholarship program and denying additional funding to a school that serves special needs students, Evers has repeatedly refused to empower parents. 

Meanwhile, according to DPI’s own data, English language arts proficiency is down by over 16 percent, math proficiency is down by over 20 percent, and just 8 percent of Black students are proficient in math. If Evers will only say “no” to Republican proposals, why has he neglected to propose any real solutions?

“Standing against parents simply to prop up a failed education establishment is a doomed-to-fail strategy for Tony Evers,” said Republican Party of Wisconsin Communications Director Anna Kelly.