Test Scores Prove Evers is Failing Our Kids

The data doesn’t lie. Our self-proclaimed “education governor” Tony Evers is failing our children once again. Wisconsin students, especially black students in Milwaukee, are falling further and further behind, now ranking dead-last among major cities in reading and math.

The National Assessment of Educational Progress report released today shows the damage shutting down schools during the pandemic. But as the Journal-Sentinel notes, Tony Evers has been at the helm of declining reading scores for years.  

Here are a few of the low points from the release: 

  • Nationally, largest score declines in NAEP mathematics at grades 4 and 8 since initial assessments in 1990
  • WI has the largest achievement gap between white & black students in 4th and 8th grade reading and math.
  • Lowest Ever WI NAEP Score in 4th and 8th Grade Reading.
  • Only 9 states saw a larger decline in 8th grade reading scores
  • Math MKE Black Students: Trail only Detroit in 4th Grade Math. Worst major city for 8th grade math. 
  • Reading MKE Black Students: 4th Grade reading worst scores of any major city. 8th grade trail only Detroit

‘Tony Evers and Democrats used our kids as political pawns and now we are seeing just how high a price our students have paid. It’s time voters seek the only recourse available to them, which is to vote Evers out on November 8th,” said Republican Party of Wisconsin Communications Director Chad Doran.