• One year ago, Tony Evers’ failed response to the mob violence in Kenosha resulted in mass rioting and looting that devastated the community.
  • The city of Kenosha experienced over $50 million in damages, and over 100 local businesses were hurt by the riots.
    • You can still see the impact of the violence, as city blocks that were formerly home to vibrant family businesses still lay in rubble.
  • Tony Evers played politics with public safety when he rejected President Trump’s offer of federal help from the Department of Homeland Security.
    • Evers’ spokeswoman put out a statement that politicized President Trump’s offer, saying that Wisconsin “would not need federal assistance in response to protests but would welcome additional federal support and resources for our state’s response to COVID-19.”
  • When the Kenosha County Board asked Evers for 1,500 National Guard troops, Evers short changed them with only 500.
  • Law enforcement organizations had to ask Tony Evers and Mandela Barnes to stop making statements on social media, saying that Evers’ tweets were “premature, judgmental, inflammatory and only add to the anger and divisiveness of an already dangerous situation.”
  • Even local Democrats like the former Kenosha County Democrat Party chairman hold Evers responsible for the destruction.
  • Despite the horrific results of his inaction, Evers said that he had “no regrets.”
  • It is disgraceful that Tony Evers is trotting out his partisan allies to try and rewrite history on his response. He owes it to the community of Kenosha to own up to his failures.
    • Evers even hired expensive lawyers to contest TV advertisements that remind Wisconsinites about the truth of what happened, but he lost.
    • Despite his efforts to silence individuals sharing the truth, Kenoshans know that Tony Evers failed them.
  • We don’t know what would have happened if Tony Evers had done the right thing and accepted the federal help right away, but we know what happened as a result of his failed response — mass destruction and a community burned.
  • Wisconsinites now know that if violence reaches their city, Tony Evers won’t protect them.

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