Tony Evers’ Liberal Wish List

  • Tony Evers wants to increase income taxes by over $1 billion in his budget.
    • Evers has broken his 2018 campaign promise that he was “planning to raise no taxes.”
    • Businesses suffered enough under Evers’ costly lockdowns, yet the governor is trying to hit them even harder.
  • While Wisconsin businesses are still reeling from the impact of the pandemic, Tony Evers wants to raise sales taxes.
  • Tony Evers’ budget would create a public option, which would devastate already cash-strapped rural hospitals. 
    • Economists have also said that having a public option “crowds out” private companies from the market, which would ultimately force over 3 million Wisconsinites off of their private plans.
  • Tony Evers’ wants to roll back Governor Walker’s historic Act 10 bill, which has saved Wisconsin taxpayers $13.9 billion over the past decade and put power in the hands of the people rather than special interest groups.
    • Of course, it makes sense that Tony Evers would want to side with the teachers union bosses, given that he received over $150,000 in campaign donations from WEAC since 2018.
    • Tony Evers also wants to repeal Right to Work.
    • Wisconsinites deserve a governor who fights Wisconsin families — not big government bureaucrats and special interest groups.
  • Tony Evers’ budget would cripple school choice programs in Wisconsin.
    • Now more than ever, Wisconsinites need access to school choice programs. When Evers refused to take the lead on reopening schools, school districts that began the school year virtually had larger enrollment drops than those who had begun at least partially in-person. 
    • Evers’ proposed budget caps enrollment in all three of Wisconsin’s school choice programs, as well as the Special Needs Scholarship Program. 
  • Tony Evers’ budget includes provisions that would hinder election integrity, including automatic voter registration.
  • Tony Evers’ proposed budget also includes a slew of radical environmental proposals, including a social cost of carbon consideration.
  • Among the most radical of Tony Evers’ liberal wish list items, the governor wants to allow illegal immigrants to get driver’s licenses and in-state tuition.

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