Tony Evers’ Public Safety Failures on Full Display with Refusal to Acknowledge Border Crisis

[Madison, WI] – As illegal border crossings continue to reach record highs, including over 208,000 apprehensions in August, over half of state governors called on Joe Biden to wake up and address the crisis at our southern border in a letter yesterday. Unsurprisingly, Tony Evers’ name was not included, and he is joining Joe Biden in pretending that the crisis doesn’t exist — just the latest event in his long string of public safety failures as governor.

Last spring, Wisconsin state legislators witnessed the border disaster firsthand and begged Evers to help — but Evers, who also pulled Wisconsin’s National Guard troops from the southern border in 2019, declined. Crime is spiking, deadly drugs are pouring in, and COVID-positive illegal immigrants are flooding American communities — but just like in Kenosha, Evers is rejecting public safety in favor of appeasing the far-left and putting his head in the sand.

“Dozens of state governors are stepping up to address the historic border crisis, but Tony Evers would rather cower to DC Democrats and do nothing,” said Republican Party of Wisconsin Communications Director Anna Kelly. “Unfortunately, since last year’s riots in Kenosha, Wisconsinites know that Tony Evers only governs to protect the woke mob, not Wisconsin families.”