President Donald Trump Runs Circles Around Biden in Final Week

[Madison, WI] – On Friday, President Donald Trump visited Green Bay for a rally while Joe Biden was scheduled to be in Milwaukee for a stop. As we head into the final weekend of the campaign, the contrast between the two candidates could not be more clear: President Donald Trump wants to continue the Great American Comeback and Joe Biden wants to hand over the keys of the Oval Office to the far-left. The Republican Party of Wisconsin released the following statement from Chairman Andrew Hitt: 

“Today’s opposing rallies are a great way for voters to see the clear contrast between the two presidential campaigns. President Donald Trump has made America great again with fair trade deals, tax cuts for Wisconsin families, and lower prescription drug costs. He’s fighting for the American worker and draining the swamp. The Trump Campaign, Republican National Committee, and Republican Party of Wisconsin are mobilizing Wisconsin conservatives as we march towards Tuesday’s election. We will deliver Wisconsin for our President.

“Joe Biden’s agenda would be disastrous for our state. He still hasn’t been honest with the American people as to where he stands on rigging the Supreme Court by court packing. He’s supported trillions of dollars in tax hikes. Joe Biden would even throw out the Trump tax cut that puts more money in the pockets of Wisconsin families. If Joe Biden were elected president, he would let the far-left take the lead and continue to hide in the basement.”