Welcoming President Trump to Kenosha After Democrat Failures

[Madison, WI] – Republican Party of Wisconsin Chairman Andrew Hitt released the following statement today, welcoming President Donald J. Trump to Kenosha: 

“The governor played politics when he initially refused offers of help from the White House — Wisconsin paid the price. I want to thank President Trump for showing up in Wisconsin when our citizens needed leadership, and providing the support the City of Kenosha needs to keep its people safe while it recovers. Joe Biden hasn’t been to Wisconsin in over 670 days. President Trump keeps showing up, and he keeps delivering for Wisconsin.

“Finally, I want to thank the many local leaders who had the courage to call on the president to come to Kenosha at this critical time. They stood up to a nearly unprecedented, partisan call by the governor to discourage a sitting president from coming to a community he had worked so hard to help. The Evers’ Administration’s actions have been reprehensible.”