Wisconsin Elections Commission Budget Conveys Low Priority on Election Integrity for Gov. Tony Evers

February 8, 2021

[Madison, WI] – Democrats say that “budgets convey priorities.” If that is true, then Governor Evers places next to no priority on election reform, despite calls for election integrity across the state from Wisconsinites who are concerned about the numerous irregularities raised in the November election.

In November, clerks in Dane and Milwaukee counties illegally urged individuals to use indefinite confinement status as a way to request an absentee ballot without following the photo identification safeguards. WEC also advised Wisconsin municipal clerks to alter incomplete absentee ballots contrary to Wisconsin law. Despite this, the latest Legislative Fiscal Bureau document reveals that WEC “lapsed,” or forfeited, 100 percent of its funding designated for investigations and 58 percent of its funding for voter ID training back to the state government.

Wisconsinites deserve to have confidence in their elections, and they deserve a Governor who takes election integrity seriously.

“If budgets convey priorities, it appears that Governor Evers’ priorities don’t align with those of Wisconsinites on election integrity,” said Republican Party of Wisconsin Executive Director Mark Jefferson. “Wisconsinites deserve an explanation as to why WEC forfeited thousands of dollars that could have made a meaningful difference in election reform under Evers’ leadership.”