What They’re Saying: Wisconsin Legislators Pass State Budget, Historic Tax Cut

[Madison, WI] – After the Republican-led Joint Finance Committee tossed Tony Evers’ $1 billion tax grab and bloated budget laden with expensive partisan priorities, yesterday a bipartisan group of Wisconsin legislators sent their revised budget to Evers’ desk. The Republican-authored budget includes a transformational $3.4 billion tax cut that empowers Wisconsinites — not big government — to make the best decisions for their families as our state returns to normalcy.

After Tony Evers’ crippling lockdowns that hurt small businesses, workers and families alike, this average $1,000 per family would make a real difference for middle-class Wisconsinites. After this budget cleared both the Assembly and Senate with bipartisan backing for the first time since 2007, Evers must support this historic relief.

Check out what they’re saying on the Legislature’s historic tax cut:

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos: “Responsible budgeting has continually led to budget surpluses, but with this gigantic surplus, we were able to do a once-in-a-generation tax cut for the majority of Wisconsinites… My Republican colleagues and I are proud to have voted for a conservative budget that delivers on our promises. This budget is reasonable, responsible, and realistic – it’s good for all of Wisconsin.”

Senate Majority Leader Devin LeMahieu: “The full Legislature has now passed the most conservative budget in a generation turning Governor Evers’ bloated, political document into a responsible, bi-partisan success story for our state. In addition to a transformational $3.4 billion tax cut, the Legislature made targeted investments in every essential function of state government including significant new money to schools, frontline healthcare workers and a fully-funded transportation system all while maintaining historically low state spending.”

WisGOP Chairman Andrew Hitt: “After Tony Evers tried to raise taxes by $1 billion to fund his divisive policy priorities following a pandemic, Republicans led the charge to instead put money back in the pockets of Wisconsin families by cutting taxes by $3.4 billion. Putting power in the hands of the people, not big government, is the way to get our economy back on track.”

Institute of Reforming Government President CJ Szafir: “Republicans put together a budget that increases funding on key priorities for education and healthcare, cuts taxes by more than $3 billion, puts money in the rainy day fund, and creates one of the smallest structural deficits in over 20 years.”

MacIver Institute President Brett Healy: “The Legislature, instead of following Governor Evers’ lead to dramatically increase taxes, decided instead, to cut taxes. In fact, the Legislature has proposed the largest tax cut in state history… So, starting from Gov. Evers’ $1.12 billion TAX INCREASE and moving to a $3.4 billion TAX CUT proposed by the Legislative Republicans shows you the fundamentally different approach to government Democrat Tony Evers has compared to Republicans in the Legislature.”