What You Won’t Hear During the State of the State

Tony Evers’ Administration Marked By Weak, Absent Leadership

[Madison, WI] – Tonight, Tony Evers will plod through his final State of the State address. Unfortunately for Evers, he has no accomplishments to highlight – so Wisconsinites can expect him to try to blame others for his failed record, take credit for Republicans’ accomplishments, and reference allocations from his taxpayer-funded re-election slush fund that he isn’t even spending efficiently.

Here is what Evers will likely gloss over during his State of the State address:

Stifled economic recovery

After shuttering Main Street businesses for nearly two months, Tony Evers has consistently refused to help Wisconsin’s economy return to normal. As small business owners struggled with a workforce shortage, Evers declared that he didn’t have enough “proof” to help. He even proposed a $1 billion tax hike on Wisconsinites and yet continues to try to take credit for Republicans’ transformative tax cut. Meanwhile, Evers has stood idly by as Joe Biden wrecks Wisconsin’s economy with reckless spending that is driving up prices.

Crumbling education system

According to DPI’s own data, English language arts proficiency is down by over 16 percent, math proficiency is down by over 20 percent, and just 8 percent of Black students are proficient in math. Meanwhile, instead of focusing on raising performance, DPI is lowering education standards – making schools appear better even if students are scoring worse. Evers refused to help reopen schools, leading to widespread learning loss.

Rising crime

For the second straight year, Milwaukee set a record for homicides in 2021 – and in cities from Eau Claire, to Wausau, to Green Bay, violent crime is on the rise. Wisconsinites won’t forget about Evers’ refusal to hold John Chisholm accountable for allowing Waukesha parade attack suspect Darrell Brooks to walk free or his failure to keep Wisconsinites in Kenosha or Madison safe in 2020. Even still, Evers refuses to stop municipalities from defunding the police or meaningfully address public safety.

Tony Evers only works for Madison liberals and the far-left fringe while leaving everyday Wisconsinites behind. Wisconsinites deserve better than his absent leadership.