While Republicans Fight for Kids, Democrats Fight for Teachers Union Bosses

[Madison, WI] – While the Democrats drag their feet, Republicans in the Wisconsin state Legislature are fighting to get our kids back in the classroom by incentivizing in-person learning.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Governor Evers has been largely silent on the issue of reopening schools, and the White House admitted that President Biden’s plan only calls for half of schools to reopen for one day per week. Thankfully, despite the Democrats’ inaction, Wisconsin Republicans in the state Legislature stepped up to the plate to direct $66 million in federal aid to schools who hold classes in-person — while all Democrats on the committee voted against the proposal.

While the Democrats claim that they seek to “follow the science,” CDC guidance says that our kids need to get back in the classroom, and coronavirus infections at school are occurring at an extremely low rate in Wisconsin. Kids are suffering academically, socially, and mentally from being stuck in virtual classes. It’s clear that getting children back in the classroom is what’s best for students – yet Democrats like Gov. Evers, who has received over $150,000 in campaign donations from Wisconsin teachers unions since 2018, continue to put teachers union bosses first and students last.

Fortunately, while Democrats are choosing to sell out to special interests, Republicans are fighting for Wisconsin children and their families.