Who Are Senator Johnson’s Possible Opponents?

2022 Senate Democrat Field Comprised of Tax Evaders, Non-Voters

[Madison, WI] – Senator Ron Johnson announced on Sunday his plans to seek a third term in the U.S. Senate and continue his “fight for freedom”. After over a decade of service, his dedication to Wisconsin families is clear – as is the need for another term to help fight back against the failed agenda of the Biden administration and its far-left policies.

Meanwhile, Democrats are tripping over themselves while they fight over who is the most liberal in hopes of pushing their far-left policies in the U.S. Senate:

‘Make it Up’ Mandela Barnes’ credibility crumbles

“Make it Up” Mandela Barnes continues to struggle with maintaining his credibility given his repeated problems with lying and attention to detail. While promising to raise taxes on others, Barnes interestingly skipped out on his own property taxes and couldn’t submit a tax return in 2018 despite purchasing two condos. Meanwhile, Barnes has infamously lied about graduating from college and has an abysmal public safety record.  He was asked to stop tweeting inflammatory rhetoric that fanned the flames of violence in Kenosha and proposed eliminating cash bail.

Alex Lasry’s silver spoon Senate bid 

New York trust fund baby Alex Lasry is hoping to win over Wisconsin voters with his east coast ties and mega-mansions. When he’s not trying to balance riding on his billionaire daddy’s coattails with trying to distance himself from his family’s China ties, he’s jumping the line in front of Wisconsin grandmas for a COVID vaccine.

Serial embellisher Sarah Godlewski flounders

Serial embellisher Sarah Godlewski has struggled from the start, with reports breaking that she couldn’t prove her extravagant claims of her work as a DC consultant and lied about getting her Master’s degree. The nail in the coffin of Godlewski’s floundering campaign came early, when the disqualifying news broke that she didn’t vote in the 2016 presidential election while working for Hillary Clinton’s campaign. 

“With Biden’s approval in the gutter and a crowded field of flawed candidates, desperate attacks against Ron Johnson are the only message that Democrats can drum up,” said Republican Party of Wisconsin Communications Director Anna Kelly. “No matter which extreme leftist Democrats nominate, they will fail against Ron Johnson’s record of independent leadership.”