WisGOP Launches Website Detailing Protasiewicz’s Soft-On-Crime Record

MADISON, Wis The Republican Party of Wisconsin released a new website this week, NoJailJanet.com, detailing Judge Janet Protasiewicz’s soft-on-crime record, including several cases in which Judge Janet Protasiewicz gave no prison time to several child sex offenders.

The website will be continuously updated with new details on Judge Protasiewicz’s record, leading up to election day. The website already details several instances where Janet Protasiewicz has failed to stand up for victims and sided with hardened criminals.

“The best indication of what someone will do in the future is what they have done in the past,” said Rachel Reisner, Republican Party of Wisconsin Communications Director. “Judge Janet Protasiewicz’s record of giving no jail or prison time to violent sexual offenders disqualifies her from serving on the Wisconsin Supreme Court.”

To learn more about Janet Protasiewicz and her dangerous record, visit NoJailJanet.com