WisGOP Slams Mandela Barnes, Unveils MandelaBarnesForSenate.com

[Madison, WI] – Today, fringe-left candidate Mandela Barnes was officially declared the Democrat nominee for U.S. Senate – less than two weeks after Democrats decided to abandon the will of the voters and pressure other candidates to drop out. 

Surprisingly, Democrats declared Barnes the most electable candidate after his stances on abolishing ICE, defunding the police, ending cash bail, and imposing the Green New Deal were known to voters – a testament to the overall unimpressive options available to Democrats. Even national outlets like the Washington Post have noted that “Democrats have privately voiced worries that [Barnes’ extreme positions] could cause problems for them this fall.”

As Wisconsinites review tonight’s primary results, the Republican Party of Wisconsin unveiled MandelaBarnesForSenate.com, where voters can read the truth about BS Barnes’ record – from his extreme views on crime to his wasteful spending proposals that will prompt even more inflation.

“After nearly a decade of fighting for fringe-left policies, it’s laughable that Mandela Barnes thinks he’ll convince people that he’s a moderate,” said Republican Party of Wisconsin Communications Director Anna Kelly. “Barnes wants to BS his way through the general election, but Wisconsinites have watched him fight for fringe-left policies like defunding the police and ending cash bail while socialists like AOC and Bernie Sanders have lined up to endorse him. Voters will see through Barnes’ attempts to mislead the public and reject him in November.”