WisGOP Statement on Alex Lasry’s Announcement

[Madison, WI] – Following Alex Lasry’s announcement that he plans to drop out of the Democrat primary for U.S. Senate, the Republican Party of Wisconsin released the following statement from Executive Director Mark Jefferson:

“With the exit of New York trust fund baby Alex Lasry, the Democratic primary comes down to a pair of left wing extremists who lie about their resumes – one of whom also doesn’t pay his taxes – but the Democrats couldn’t drum up anyone better to run alongside Biden’s abysmal record.

“As primary day approaches, Mandela Barnes will speak out of both sides of his mouth to convince voters that he is a moderate – but Barnes has earned the support of extremists like AOC and Bernie Sanders because he wants to abolish ICE, end cash bail, and impose fringe-left policies in Wisconsin and the nation. As families confront sky-high inflation, rising crime, and a crippled education system under Democrats, Wisconsinites will soundly reject the Barnes-Biden agenda.”