WisGOP Statement on Joe Biden’s Visit to La Crosse

[Madison, WI] – The Republican Party of Wisconsin released the following statement from Chairman Andrew Hitt following Joe Biden’s bait-and-switch on Wisconsin farmers:

“After fighting for a death tax that would crush multi-generational farms, creating a labor crisis that has left agriculture businesses without workers and promoting far-left policies that would cripple rural Wisconsinites’ way of life, Joe Biden had the audacity to abandon Wisconsin farmers for a bus station. As Democrats continue to remind Americans how little they care about the Heartland, it’s no wonder that rural Wisconsinites are leaving their party in droves.”


  • Joe Biden was originally supposed to visit an Iowa County farm, but abandoned those plans to visit a bus station in La Crosse.
  • Jim Goodman of the National Family Farm Coalition said: “I was really glad when I saw that the president was going to be here and talk about agriculture, because I thought maybe we could get a little traction on some legislation we’re interested in… But, now, that’s not a message he’s going to hear from anybody in person.”
  • Westby dairy farmer Darin Von Ruden said that it was a “major letdown” that the president switched topics and Agriculture Secretary Vilsack canceled his trip to Wisconsin.