WisGOP Statement on Mandela Barnes’ Announcement

[Madison, WI] – Following Mandela Barnes’ announcement for U.S. Senate, the Republican Party of Wisconsin released the following statement from Communications Director Anna Kelly:

“Whether it’s lying about his college degree, his temper tantrums when being asked to explain his unpaid taxes, or his delinquent fines, ‘Make-it-up Mandela’ Barnes has neither the maturity nor the temperament to represent Wisconsin in the U.S. Senate.”


  • Less than an hour after his announcement, Barnes’ former campaign manager tweeted in support of another Democrat candidate, noting that candidate “recognizes it’s not about him.”
  • Barnes lied about receiving his college degree and mischaracterized his failure to complete his degree requirements as a “small technical thing.”
  • Barnes was fined for unpaid parking tickets.
  • Barnes stormed out of a TV interview after being asked about his delinquent taxes.