WisGOP Statement on One-Year Anniversary of Kenosha Violence

[Kenosha, WI] – Today marks the one-year anniversary of the violence and destruction that turned Kenosha upside down. Over the course of several nights of violence, over 100 local businesses fell prey to the violent rioters who brought over $50 million in damage to the community. The community still feels the aftermath, as city blocks that were formerly home to vibrant family businesses now lay in rubble.

The Republican Party of Wisconsin released the following statement from Chairman Paul Farrow:

“Our thoughts are with the people of Kenosha as they continue to heal following the destruction that devastated their community one year ago. Violence is never the answer, and destruction and lawlessness are never acceptable forms of protest. 

“Kenosha needed leadership with a steady hand to keep the community safe. Unfortunately, Tony Evers refused federal help, played politics, and fanned the flames of violence at Kenoshans’ expense.

“The rioting and mob violence that occurred in Kenosha one year ago has no place in Wisconsin. This anniversary serves as a reminder of the need to elect strong, steady leaders who put people first — and that should start with ousting Tony Evers so that he cannot put public safety at risk for four more years.”