WisGOP Statement on President Biden’s Visit to Madison, Wisconsin

Madison, Wis… The Republican Party of Wisconsin released the following statement from Chairman Brian Schimming ahead of Joe Biden’s visit to Madison:

“Biden’s first re-election campaign stop in Madison will do nothing to improve his standing with Wisconsin voters. Wisconsin households and businesses have faced crushing inflation, decreasing real wages, and increasing energy bills for months and trying to buy votes with his inflationary spending and Green New Deal agenda isn’t the answer to helping Wisconsin families.” — WisGOP Chairman Brian Schimming

On Background: 

  • The Inflation Reduction Act has been found to be a fraction of what President Biden claims.
  • According to the Joint Committee on Taxation, the so-called “Inflation Reduction Act” will be the burden of American middle class families to pay off.
  • The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law can’t be taken at face value.