WisGOP Statement on UI Bill

[Madison, WI] – Over the course of the pandemic, Gov. Tony Evers had the authority to resolve the myriad of issues with Wisconsin’s unemployment insurance system himself. However, to avoid accepting responsibility for his administration’s failures, Gov. Evers opted to sit on his hands and point fingers — during which time, the backlog of claims surpassed 700,000, an audit revealed that less than one percent of calls to the DWD unemployment call center went answered and jobless Wisconsinites were receiving incorrect and contradictory information from the DWD.

Thankfully, Wisconsinites have Republicans in the Legislature who are willing to do Gov. Evers’ job for him. The Republican Party of Wisconsin released the following statement from Chairman Andrew Hitt following Gov. Tony Evers’ signing of the Legislature’s unemployment insurance system upgrade bill:

“While Gov. Evers had the authority to fix Wisconsin’s unemployment insurance system himself, the Legislature was forced to do his job after he spent months passing blame while failing to address yet another problem. We thank Republicans in the Wisconsin State Assembly and Senate for stepping up to the plate and making sure that Gov. Evers can’t sit back and point fingers any longer while Wisconsinites suffer from his inaction.”