Seventh Congressional District Debate Review and Preview

Tiffany demonstrates that he has the values and leadership to represent the people of Northern and Western Wisconsin, Zunker caters to the socialist left

May 4, 2020

[Madison, WI] – Friday night’s debate demonstrated that the choice for voters in the Seventh Congressional District could not be more clear–Tom Tiffany is a proven leader that will represent Wisconsin values and Tricia Zunker is trying to audition for AOC’s socialist squad.

On Friday night, Tricia Zunker doubled down on her anti Second Amendment positions and her desire to align herself with the far-left if elected to Congress. Tom Tiffany discussed his proven-record of fighting for Wisconsin families and his plans to get Washington and Wisconsin back on track.

In tonight’s debate, we will hear more of Tricia Zunker’s plan to cater to the far-left groups that are backing her run for Congress instead of the interests of the people of her district. Tom Tiffany will continue to demonstrate that he is the only candidate with the proven ability to lead Wisconsinites through a crisis and represent our values in Washington. 

Here are some of the highlights from Friday’s debate: 

On COVID-19: 

Tom Tiffany: “I believe the safer at home order that we had through April 24th really had broad support here in Wisconsin and people were ready for that. Now that it’s been extended through May 26th some people are starting to question it. I believe we can do both. We’re Americans here. We can do both. We can both protect the public’s health and safety as well as be able to open up our state, open it up cautiously, do it a step at a time.”

Tricia Zunker: “We absolutely have to focus on this, uh, in the way that we currently are.”

On the 2nd Amendment: 

Tom Tiffany: “I will always defend people’s right to keep and bear arms under the Second Amendment. I think one of the great concerns that we have in this country, and we don’t see it here in Northern Wisconsin, but there are law enforcement agencies across the country that are not enforcing laws that are already on the books. … You’re either going to defend the 2nd Amendment or you’re not.” 

Tricia Zunker: “Well, that’s a common answer that we already have laws on the books and we should address those. Um, but they’re not working. And one of the things that will be effective is expanding universal background checks.”

On Life: 

Tom Tiffany: “I voted to end late term abortion abortions here in Wisconsin and that was the right vote to take. I was there at the birth of all three of my daughters. I was there in the delivery room. I saw the miracle of life enter this world. There’s some that say we should be able to snuff out that life at any point during an abortion. I believe that we did the right thing by limiting that here in the state of Wisconsin. Also, I have voted to defund planned Parenthood and I did because your tax dollars should not be used if you do not agree with an abortion happening.”

Tricia Zunker: “I believe that the laws that exist currently are the correct laws.”

On National Security: 

Tom Tiffany: “We need border security and I believe it should be a bipartisan resolution that we secure our borders so we know who’s coming in and out of our country.” 

Tricia Zunker: “We need comprehensive immigration reform, but we need 20th century technology, not first century technology with a wall.”