Baldwin Backs Hamas’ Ceasefire Demands

MADISON, Wis. – Tammy Baldwin is once again carrying water for Hamas and its sympathizers.

In the wake of Hamas declining multiple overtures from the Biden Administration and Israel for a humanitarian ceasefire and release of remaining hostages, Senator Baldwin was asked by A.J. Bayatpour of CBS 58 whether she favored a humanitarian or permanent ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas conflict. Baldwin stated she preferred the Hamas’ terms of a permanent ceasefire

“I would hope that the parties could agree to a permanent ceasefire,” said Baldwin.

From A.J. Bayatpour of CBS 58:

After previously attempting to dissociate herself with the Hamas-linked Council of American Islamic Relations (CAIR), Baldwin is now openly parroting the verbatim demands of Hamas leadership for a permanent ceasefire

From The New York Times:

Baldwin is endorsing a proposal that would keep Hamas in power in Gaza. She pays zero mind to the fact that Hamas violated a previous ceasefire with its October 7th attacks. A permanent ceasefire is Baldwin’s position, nevermind the consequences.

“These latest remarks only confirm that Tammy Baldwin’s retreat from Hamas-allied groups like CAIR was merely performative. Her sympathies lie not with the victims of the October 7th attack or Israelis and Palestinians who wish for a future free of Hamas. Instead, Baldwin is choosing to align herself with the demands of Hamas terrorists, and violent pro-Palestine demonstrators who assault law enforcement at her fundraisers.” —WisGOP Chairman Brian Schimming