Baldwin’s $451 Billion Border Disaster

MADISON, Wis — The crisis on our southern border continues to spiral out of control. October saw the largest influx of illegal entries in history with more than 300,000 undocumented migrants crossing over our southern border. To make matters worse, an additional 13 terror suspects on the FBI Watchlist were apprehended, adding to the unprecedented number of high-level security threats infiltrating the United States in 2023. 

As if that was not bad enough, it turns out Wisconsin taxpayers will be footing a massive bill for the disastrous open borders policies of Joe Biden and Tammy Baldwin. 

A new report from the U.S. House of Representatives estimates that the migrant crisis will cost taxpayers up to $451 billion per year. 

For perspective, that is a price tag larger than the entire GDP of Wisconsin. Further, that number will not be shrinking anytime soon as illegal entries and “gotaways” at the border continue to skyrocket.

All this could have been avoided if only politicians like Baldwin actually cared about the border before it was politically expedient. But her long record of willful neglect is now wreaking havoc on the United States.

No one has done more to set back border security and leave Americans vulnerable to illegal entry and terrorism than Tammy Baldwin.

Bottom Line: Wisconsinites are done with Open Borders Baldwin and will elect a senator who will secure the border and cut down on reckless spending.